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Renee Reina

Renee Reina is the mom friend you've always wanted. She is extremely relatable and finds the humour in everything about being a mom - the good, the bad, and the ugly. She isn't a parenting expert -- she's just a girl, with a PhD in psychology, who had a baby and decided it was time to stir sh*t up in the mom community.She isn't afraid to dive into topics that no one else wants to talk about. You can expect topics like "it's okay to refuse visitors after giving birth", "momposter syndrome", "mom guilt", "postpartum anxiety", "is it okay to fix your baby's unibrow?", "#blessed social media moms", and educational episodes with professionals in areas such as speech language pathology, pelvic floor physiotherapy, behaviour therapy, sleep, and more! Each episode is sure to be entertaining, honest, and informative!